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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Plimoth Plantation

So we drove to Plymouth and found a quaint recreation of an actual village in the 1700s called Plimoth Plantation. It was fascinating. There was a recreation of an Indian village and the people portraying the Indians were actual Indians from that tribe. They answered questions and spoke in modern times. They are teaching their children their Indian language and hope to have a school running by 2015. Fascinating people and fascinating stories of their culture.

The second part of the village was the settlers cabins and other buildings. The speakers spoke as if it was a day in 1740. They would answer questions but only based on the knowledge they had at that time in history.

 We also were able to tour the Mayflower II, a ship that was made from the actual blueprints for the first Mayflower. It was made in England and sailed over to the United States. It is still able to go to sea and does for special occasions. The crew on board are also dressed and respond from a date in the 1700s. John talked to one guy who was portraying a fisherman. When the young man asked John what he likes to catch, John said trout and the young man did not know what trout was. Another one spoke of the animals they had in the village and spoke of a new animal they had heard about and hoped they could domesticate....a moose. Very interesting and learned a lot.  John and Penny

Plymouth ROCK

We visited Plymouth and saw the actual ROCK!! You know, Plymouth ROCK!! Only it turns out they decided that was the actual ROCK about 120 years after the Pilgrims guy said, yeah, I think they got off the boat over there, by those rocks, maybe that rock, yeah, it was that they moved the bottom part to another location....then like 80 years later they moved the top part.....and then more years later they put the two together to be the big ROCK and then years later they put up this shelter and ta-da... here is a picture of the actual, most likely, almost guaranteed, PLYMOUTH ROCK!!!! John and Penny