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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cave of the Winds

We noticed the red walkway from the Maid of the Mist boat. What was it we wondered? Here is a photo of what we saw from our boat. Looks interesting.....

Then we got a chance to visit the Cave of the Winds. First we took an elevator ride to the walkway and then we hiked up the steps. The whole while we were getting hit by spray from the falls. We don't have any photos from the top as we were getting hit by water so hard and fast that we were afraid it would ruin the camera or lose it in the spray. What a view. What an experience. It felt like we were walking into the water fall. Did I mention incredible???? John and Penny

Niagara Falls

We have been blown away by Niagara Falls. It is breath taking...there are no words to describe it....this is from the U.S. side looking at both water falls and the city to the right is in Canada. The noise is very loud.

You can barely see a boat at the bottom of the Horseshoe Falls......we took a boat ride and sat in this spot for several minutes. 

 Here is our photo from the boat as we stayed there for several minutes. The noise, the water spray, the cold was all so very powerful and a wonderful experience. We highly recommend it. John and Penny

A General

While we were in Niagara Falls John attempted to take control over a squad of fighters. Here he is giving them commands....I was not allowed to record those commands.....but he was a general I think......

Doesn't he look tough? He is giving orders....and here are his soldiers.....

After a quick snack of chips, they all flew off to do as John requested.....

Cheers From Boston

Cheers from Boston!!! We took a tour of Boston on a tour trolley. Wow!!! What an adventure. We bought a two-day pass and will go out again tomorrow. Our tour also included a boat ride around the HA-Bur......We were able to board and tour the U.S.S. Constitution. And we had lunch here......recognize it???
Actually we had lunch at the recreated Cheers in Boston...this is the original site that Cheers was based on.

Cool building in downtown can't remember what building it is....but cool....

So tonight we are exhausted from all the fun we have had. John and Penny

Thursday, September 27, 2012

New York----Day Two

We stopped at the first rest stop in Pennsylvania early this morning and saw a gaggle of highway patrol cars. Ok, there were six or maybe eight. They were all parked in the truck/bus area, several on their phones, looking down the entrance ramp. We finally figured out that one of the Presidential candidates must be headed our way and going to get their new state we left quickly.

Poor John. This morning he went to get coffee for the two of us to find that there was no coffee made. He stopped at the desk and the clerk was on the phone. Now, there is no confirmation whom he was talking to but John insists he was talking to his mother in India. Finally the clerk said, in English, "may I help you?" John said, yeah, there's no coffee made. The clerk smiled and said, "oh, I forgot. Would you make it?" So John was quickly trained on making coffee. (Open the drawer to the left, pull out a coffee packet, put the packet in the tray, and push the button-----now you are trained.) so John made the coffee. Since he was bringing two cups back to me he interrupted the clerk again to ask for lids. "Oh, we only have lids for the big cups." So John returned to find big cups. No such luck. He returned to the clerk and interrupted his phone call again. "Where are the big cups?" The clerk responded "oh we are out of the big cups." John filled the small cups and brought two to me and two for himself. As he left he told the clerk to say hi to his mother. Geez.

So now we are in our hotel just a mile from Niagara Falls. We are heading out soon to do some sightseeing. We are planning the boat trip to the falls tomorrow. We got things unloaded from the car and John went back to the car for a few more items. There is no elevator and we are on the second floor. While he was gone, I cranked up the air to cool the room. Well, it is efficient. By the time he returned I even thought it was cold in here. As he came in the room I said "watch out, you might freeze off your b***s". The funny thing was he thought I said he would freeze his buffaloes. Really? Like I have said that never. What does that mean? We laughed. The room is really nice but the bed it too high. John had to pull me up on the bed as I was having trouble climbing up on it.

Off to the falls. John and Penny


We drove almost five hundred miles yesterday making our way through Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. We spent the night in Amherst, Ohio. We had a great supper at Sal's and Al's Diner. Great food, interesting atmosphere, and nice place. They seemed to specialize in Syrian food.

Nothing interesting to report from our travels through Illinois and Indiana. However a couple things to note in Ohio. My favorite is the road sign on the Ohio Turnpike. Emergency Parking Only on the shoulder. Ok. Makes sense because everyone is going at least 75. But under that sign was another......2 Hour Limit. Um. What if your emergency takes longer than two hours? Do you push your car to another spot? Interesting.

As we headed East we saw a caravan going West. There were probably eight highway patrol cars with their blue lights flashing, surrounding at least four big buses. On the side of one of the buses was "Romney" signs. It was pretty impressive. Now, question, did they have to stop and pay at the toll booth like we did? Just curious.

This morning we head to Niagara Falls. John and Penny

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Go East Old One

Wednesday, September 26. We are getting ready to leave on a fantastic trip East. Some of our stops will include Niagara Falls, Boston, New York City, Gettysburg, and Washington DC. Sounds like fun!

Yesterday, while shopping for new tennis shoes for Penny, we accidentally walked into the middle of a store meeting being held close to the shoe department. The manager decided to have fun and said "here is our guest speaker." Of course John moved up front and started talking to the group. The manager had no idea who he had encouraged to speak. It was pretty funny. When we made our purchase we said we hoped that helped their fourth quarter sales.....which the manager had mentioned.

Well, the paper is stopped, the mail is being held, and the car is packed. A quick breakfast and we are ready....after John finishes all his gyrations.

Penny and John