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Thursday, September 27, 2012


We drove almost five hundred miles yesterday making our way through Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. We spent the night in Amherst, Ohio. We had a great supper at Sal's and Al's Diner. Great food, interesting atmosphere, and nice place. They seemed to specialize in Syrian food.

Nothing interesting to report from our travels through Illinois and Indiana. However a couple things to note in Ohio. My favorite is the road sign on the Ohio Turnpike. Emergency Parking Only on the shoulder. Ok. Makes sense because everyone is going at least 75. But under that sign was another......2 Hour Limit. Um. What if your emergency takes longer than two hours? Do you push your car to another spot? Interesting.

As we headed East we saw a caravan going West. There were probably eight highway patrol cars with their blue lights flashing, surrounding at least four big buses. On the side of one of the buses was "Romney" signs. It was pretty impressive. Now, question, did they have to stop and pay at the toll booth like we did? Just curious.

This morning we head to Niagara Falls. John and Penny

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