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Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Merry Denny's Christmas

Our grand plan this year to escape from Illinois for the winter months was to leave Christmas morning. We had a great family celebration on December 22nd with all our children and grandchildren. We had so much fun that we will do the same thing next year! So Christmas Eve we spent undecking our halls. It was sad but we didn't want to undecorate when we returned in April.

Christmas morning we planned to leave at six am. Getting John out the door on time is mostly impossible but we got on the road at 6:45! For John that is close enough to six.

We started down the road each driving a vehicle. I selfishly drove the RV and John rocked in the car with his Sirrus radio playing too loud. We stopped in Effingham to eat breakfast. What was open? Only Denny's. okay. They are breakfast pros. We ate and drove on, heading to Florida...that magical place far, far away. When we decided to stop for lunch, what did we find open? Um...only Denny's. so we had lunch there and took off again. We decided to stop for the night in Columbia, Tennessee. We stayed in a motel as it was still chilly for the RV. They were having storms, tornadoes, snow.....yikes. And, of course, there was a Denny's close by. But also an Arbees so we were saved from another meal at Denny's!

We spent an anxious night, not knowing if we would be able to leave or have to spend another night because of the storms and snow. We got up, watched the weather and took off! We drove through some rain and one snow squall but basically the roads were fine.

The next night we spent in Dothan, Alabama. Still in a motel but getting closer to warm weather.

John and Penny

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