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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Her Dog is Her Brother?

We have interesting neighbors at our park. There are three generations, grandma called Red because she loves her red hair, Nicki, who is mentally slow but warm and friendly, and then Marie, almost twelve and delightful. Well Red takes her dog for a walk every night. Seriously. She carries it. It's a small breed and I guess they just get air together. Not sure. Marie told me she can't pet her grandmas dog. Um. Ok. Red also walks her cat. Again carrying it. They have two cats.  Then they have another  Dog. Kind of a mid size terrier kind of dog. We think its name is Brother. They refer to it as Brother. "Take Brother out to poop" I just heard and the bigger dog came out with Nicki. Now she did tell him to not hump, just potty. Good to know. So after Nicki gets back inside Red yells "Brother look what you did!" I am assuming Brother was embarrassed. And Nicki explained, " I watched his butt and I thought he was done." Yeah, I love sitting outside and enjoying nature. ---Penny

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