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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Snow Delivery and Jessica

Today is Sunday and we decided to attend St. Anne's Catholic Church in DeBary, Florida. It is a five minute drive from our RV and very beautiful. There are two priests. After mass a lady sitting in front of us stopped to talk to us for several minutes. She is originally from New Jersey but has lived down here for a lot of years. She told John he should join the choir! As we walked out together she introduced us to the priest from Nigeria. He has only been a priest for less than six months and has spent four of those months in this parish. When we told him where we were from he understood we were from Chicago. After several attempts to explain we just said, yes, close to Chicago. He relayed a story of some parishioners who traveled to New York for the holidays. They brought him a gift of a bag of snow! He had never seen snow in his life and was thrilled to touch it.

The other priest, Father Peter, was born in Belfast. When we introduced ourselves and when he heard the last name Barry he was thrilled that it is such a good Irish name. We chatted for several minutes....okay John started talking for several minutes....and finally Father Peter said, oh, yes, the Irish love to tell stories. We laughed and left. Luckily John can take a hint.

We decided to stop at Steak and Shake for a quick lunch. Wow, it was crowded with a line to be seated. Luckily we were seated fairly quickly and our waitress was Jessica. We had no problems getting what we ordered although we tried to make it complicated. She kept checking on us, putting her hand on johns shoulder and asking if everything was ok. He finally asked why he was getting so much attention and she said, well, you ordered a lot of food. Lol. No, just a sandwich and fries and a drink.

She stopped again and asked how we were doing. John mentioned we were here for the winter months from Decatur, Illinois. Oh, I have an uncle who lives in Springfield. Is that close, she asked. At least she knew we weren't in Chicago. Then things became strange. She said her uncle lived by some fields and there were things growing in them, like maybe corn or something. John said, Jessica, that is called a farm. Then she said he had a long path to his house. John explained it was a lane. She really had no idea that she had visited a farm. John told her next time we eat there we will ask for her again and explain to her about farm animals. We were laughing, all three of us, she was enjoying the banter. Such fun we are having in Florida.

Oh, and it was 81 degrees. Whew. This is the sunshine state!

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