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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


We have been investigating and exploring the area around where we are camped. We are in an RV park with our 30 foot motor home (Class C) that is getting smaller and tighter as each day goes by. So, we have to get out and explore!!! Yesterday we drove our car on the beach at New Smyrna and enjoyed the ocean view from the front window of our car. It was chilly and windy so we just rolled down our windows and were amazed at the tide, the birds, the smells and the sounds. Then we drove to Ponce de Leon Inlet to see a famous lighthouse. John was able to walk halfway up the lighthouse and I stayed below. There were several out buildings to explore and it was great reading the fascinating history of the area. We enjoy lighthouses so I bought a map of all the lighthouses in the United States. We have seen ten in Rhode Island and several in other states. Below is a photo of the latest lighthouse in our collection.---Penny

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