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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lake Tahoe

We arrived at our hotel after going up and over another mountain range. Did I mention I am scared of heights and trips over mountains?? The curves at 20 mph and the signs that the road will close in case of heavy snow and the trees everywhere were enough to get my inner scared self upset. But then, we came down the other side, and the most magnificent view of Lake Tahoe came into view. It is absolutely the best we have seen so far. This hotel was owned by Frank Sinatra years ago. The Rat Pack came here often. We will be celebrating our first anniversary tomorrow night in this very romantic spot. John made all the arrangements and he did a great job of finding a wonderful place. is he going to get me back over the mountains again as we drive to San Francisco day after tomorrow?? The drama continues.

This is the view from our hotel room window. Need I say more.....

This hotel is listed as a casino but there were only about fifteen machines in the whole place. It sits on the California Nevada border so obviously the machines are located on the Nevada side. While we were waiting and just killing time John hit a jackpot of $180 on a 40 cent bet. That doesn't happen often and probably won't again for a long time. I was having bad luck again so I sat and read brochures about excursions. We are now planning a boat trip tomorrow on Lake Tahoe. It just gets better all the time. John just found a deck that we can go on but since our room is on the eighth floor I was less than thrilled to go on it. I did step on it and the views were worth it. Next time I will take the camera out there with me.---Penny

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