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Thursday, October 13, 2011

One in Four Wins at McDonalds!!!

We had a couple of meals at McDonalds over the past couple of days. No big deal. They are fast and we can get back in the car and travel further. Last night was awful. We couldn't find room in several towns in Texas and finally decided we had to stop and eat at the next town no matter what. Yeah. It was McDonalds again. And the really funny thing was it was inside of a Wal-Mart. We grabbed a quick sandwich and sat down to eat and watch the people shopping. What a hoot. Then we realized that there was a big sign that said "One in Four Wins" in the Monopoly game. We counted up at least ten items over two days and we never won anything!!! It's a scam I tell you!!!

So this morning we left our really bad motel experience to head toward home. John asked the hotel clerk where would be a good place to go for breakfast. I refused to go to McDonalds again...especially in light of the SCAM!! The clerk suggested not eating in that town at Dennies (could be an interesting story but we didn't ask) but said in 28 miles there was a great pancake place. Cool. So we hit the road.

Now, if you know something good is in 28 miles, wouldn't you just kinda glance at your mileage so you would know when you are getting close? Not dear sweet wonderful John. We hit the road. After awhile (less than 28 miles I will note) he pulled off the highway to find the pancake place. I noticed a big building to the right with the word RESTAURANT across the front. So he pulled into their driveway but said, no, let's go to the one across the street with all the cars. When there are that many cars, it has to be good. So, we drove back across the street.

And what did we find?? A grocery store. So John goes to a counter and asks a guy "is this a restaurant?" By then I had gone past where John was and found a counter where you can order....breakfast things just like McDonalds. The poor guy says, yeah, this is a restaurant. LOL. So we ordered and ate there. It was a poor imitation of McDonalds and AGAIN we did not win anything.

Interesting thing I noted. There were two guys sitting at a table close to us. One was obviously Hispanic and only spoke Spanish. The other was Caucasian and only spoke English....and yet they talked to each other. Huh? Never figured that out.

So, we are exhausted and headed home tomorrow. It will be great to see everyone!! But it has been a blast.---Penny

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