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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Road Accidents

After traveling so many miles over the past three weeks we talked about the accidents we observed. We were in a horrible traffic jam just as we entered Vegas. In their wisdom, the highway department took five lanes of traffic and took it down to four and then down to three and then down to two and, yes, then down to one. It was no longer a traffic jam but a parking lot. We saw the aftermath of three car accidents as we slowly drifted through the mess. John finally managed to get to an exit and he worked his way around the mess.

In Texas we saw a semi in front of us go off the road and he struggled to keep from losing control. He tottered and teetered and we were afraid we would be the first people at the scene of the accident but he managed to get control. After that he slowed down. We suspect he either fell asleep or just lost control. Either way we got in front of him, prayed he was okay, and flew down the road.

On our last day of driving home we passed (on the right) a car from California that insisted on staying in the left hand lane. John rolled down his window and yelled at the driver and pointed to the right...but at 70 mph I doubt she heard him. It was an older couple (yeah, older than us) and I guess she picks a lane and stays in it.

So we were very lucky that we were not in an accident and that we didn't really see any bad accidents. After that many hours on the road, we were very fortunate. John is a great driver, the car is awesome, and I am a great back seat driver....if I could have gotten into the back seat since it was piled full of stuff.----Penny

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