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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pacifica, California

Well, yesterday I forgot to mention an incident at a restaurant. Of course it was on Pier 39 and a seafood restaurant. Delightful food and great atmosphere. However, we both had to use the ... um... facilities. John went first and said I would have a big surprise when I went. Curious and trusting, I headed where he pointed...behind the red striped curtain. It looked like the entrance to a cabana. I stepped inside the curtain and three men were washing their hands. OH NO!!! I stepped back out, looked around the corner for a woman's curtain and nothing. So I stepped back inside again and this time there were two women and one man. So, I looked around and all the stalls were little rooms with individual doors and when locked they said "occupied" and when empty they said "vacant." So, I gathered my courage and my full bladder and entered one that denoted vacant. I locked the door, assured it now stated occupied, and did my business. Yes, ladies, the last person left the seat up!! But it was a hoot when I went back to the table and told John he should have warned me. He laughed.

This morning we went back to Dennies for breakfast. Even though the day started out sunny and gorgeous, a severe rain and thunderstorm is headed this way. We had the same waiter as yesterday and we thanked him for his instruction to get to the BART. He said GPS is good. Turns out that he isn't easily classified. I said he was oriental yesterday but today we think he is more hispanic. Perhaps he is a combination of both. His accent sounds more of the hispanic nature. Speaking of languages it is amazing to hear so many different accents and conversations in other languages. On our trolley ride yesterday there was a German couple and a couple from the Netherlands. There are a lot of people speaking oriental languages but no way for us to determine if they are Chinese or Japanese or Americans using their native tongue. Spanish is the other most common language and some of my high school instruction comes back to me with a word here and there. However, from what I remember, I know I do not remember enough. It makes me want to learn more. Last night we ate at an authentic Mexican restaurant where their language was rich with the Mexican influence. It was interesting to note that I tried to order ground beef on my burrito and they did not offer that kind of meat. I don't remember all of the choices but I do remember that one choice of meat was tongue. I stuck with chicken.

We went to a grocery store to pick up a few items and spent time browsing their fresh vegetables and fruit. Wow. They must ship the small veggies to the inland because I have never seen some of these items so big and glorious looking. It was like all the veggies and fruits were on steroids!! I wanted to tell everyone they are very lucky.

So, not sure what we will be doing today. Starting off slow because of the drastic weather change that is rolling in with the surf. ---Penny

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