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Saturday, October 15, 2011


We are home from our trip out West.....and what a trip it was!!! Be careful if you see us on the street because we will talk your ears off. We have some numbers to report.

21 ... days on the road

5,342.....miles on the car (and our butts in the seats of the car).

2 .... bags of mail from the Post Office

58...... advertisements, requests for donations, regular junk mail (including two addressed to Lauren and two addressed to Linda).

19 .... offers from thanks....

34 .... bills, investments mail, action needed stuff....ugh

17 .... magazines (not including 4 genealogy related magazines and 4 People magazines)

1 ..... Anniversary Card

2 .... the number of windows we accidentally left open the whole time....

27 ... the number of times we said we were glad to be home.

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