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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Doctor, Doctor, Where are you?

Calling a doctor and actually getting an appointment are two different things. We have an appointment for Tuesday morning. When John protested and said we needed to get in right away, the nurse assured him that was the first appointment. The doctor is only in his office two days a week and the rest of the time he is doing surgery. Okay. We will be patient.

We are hopeful that this is just a bad bruise and maybe if the doctor drains the fluid from his knee, just maybe we can reload the RV and continue on our adventure. Okay, John says I am being too optimistic. And maybe I am. But until Tuesday I am not unpacking our bags. We'll see.

Thanks to Amy and Phillip for coming to our rescue last night. They helped me finish unloading the RV of all the perishables and clothes and things we might need over the next few days....or weeks of necessary. They also brought pizza and two grandchildren which was also a big boost. Today I feel well rested and not as sad. I have finally stopped crying at a moment's notice. Again, I am probably too optimistic. LOL.

So, John now just has to stay off his leg for the next few days and I will do whatever he needs to keep him comfortable. The challenge now is just keeping him off the leg. Yikes this man is stubborn. But I won't trade him for anything!!!----penny

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