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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Glitches, Yes We Have Them

Camper packed. Check

Food packed. Check

Bike in camper. Check.

Showers: um. Mostly check. The shower curtain rod fell and we couldn't get it back up. glitch

Off to get haircuts at 9:30. Um. Our appointment card said Jan. 17th but they had us both scheduled for the 18th. Ooops. So we left without haircuts. My bangs were longer than Amanda's! Glitch

Gas: check. Wow. How about a contest. Enter by mailing your guess to How much do you think it will cost us for gas on our trip to Texas? The tank holds fifty gallons at a time. Closest guess wins absolutely nothing except recognition on our blog. Start guessing!

So, battled high winds all the way to tunica. Had to scale back on our speed just to keep control. So someone, to be named later and it wasn't me, that someone keep driving off the road. What fun.

So we arrive at tunica, SAMs Town casino and I go in to register. Um. After checking various computer screens it was determined we did not have a reservation. We are tired, my bangs are hanging over my face,and we need a room. Finally after several phone calls they found my reservation-----in Vegas! I did get a guy volunteer to drive me there but I turned him down. A credit card got us a room for the next three nights at a rate close to what I had in Vegas so we were fine. Glitch resolved.

It is Wednesday morning and we are having fun. We slept late. John went down for a coffee and to smoke and when he came back to the room I had my hair cut. Luckily I had a pair of scissors with me. So, off to have a good time. More later.----penny

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