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Thursday, January 12, 2012


I stopped at Wal-Mart on Tuesday to pick up just two items. It was during the afternoon when my gang goes know....the old blue-haired retired people. We have gang meetings at Wal-Mart and at restaurants... now you know. Well, for some reason there were even more people in the store. And when I went to check out the lines were full...all of them were at least three people deep. The "20 items or less" lines were about six deep on both ends of the store. The "do it yourself" lines were all shut down. So I just found a line and waited my turn.

The lady in front of me was complaining to me that the lines were too long and that this big store should have more people working and what were they thinking. I just wanted to get home after running errands and didn't mind waiting in line but I smiled which just encouraged her. She raised her voice so the clerk would hear her and kept up her ranting. Finally the lady in front of her was being waited on. She just wanted chewing tobacco (for her father) and it took the clerk awhile to find the right brand and the right package. Oh boy!! Now I know all the brand names of chewing tobacco in case there is a quiz.

Finally it was the complaining woman's turn. And she let the clerk have it....."a long wait.....biggest store in should have more people working...." And her voice kept getting louder. He assured her he would pass this information to his boss but he had no control. She left still growling. I was next! I just wanted to get out of there. Then the supervisor came over to our line just as I am paying for my stuff. The clerk relayed the customer's complaints and the supervisor asked me if I was also complaining. I said no, I was fine. But then the woman in line behind me yelled that she was not happy either and her wait was too long and and and....I flew out of the store. It was a mean day at Wal-Mart and I wanted to get away!!!

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