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Friday, January 20, 2012


We left Tunica at 10am and arrived in Decatur at 8pm. With only one driver it was a long tedious trip. We went to the ER as instructed by our doctor over the phone. X-rays showed nothing broken. The knee has a lot of fluid and hurt to bend it. They gave him some good meds, put the leg in a brace, and gave him crutches. We came home and somehow got him up the stairs. I had to find the essentials in the RV by flashlight and made several trips up and down the driveway. This morning we call an ortho doc and hopefully find out what happens from here. We are going to hold off unpacking the RV until we are sure it is cancelled. Now the fun of trying to get him dressed.

After spending so many hours driving that RV I feel like I could drive it through the eye of a needle. I stopped twice for fifteen minute naps and once for food. At least the wind was calm.

We did play in a poker game Wednesday night. John finished 27 out of 40. I finished fifth and actually got cash for my second time. I had a blast and want to play again. Lol.

So fans, don't count us out just yet. ------penny

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