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Friday, January 13, 2012

A Magical Lunch

John and I took lunch to his first mother-in-law at the nursing home where she lives. It seems that even 90-year-old ladies like Krekels hamburgers and shakes. She was so excited to have this special attention and we enjoyed her company for two hours. She had made special arrangements to secure a room for us to eat in. We also took along our wedding and honeymoon photos for her to look at. We left two photos with her and helped her get back to her room when we were finished.

I know at my advanced age (soon to get one year older on Sunday) I am aware of nursing homes and the possibility I will wind up in one. A quick plea to everyone. If you know of someone in a nursing home, please visit on a regular basis and remember to take goodies to them. Now, if it is me, please bring chocolate. When I am 90, I will not care about my diet any more!!!

So, it was a magical lunch with a lady who appreciated that we cared enough to spend the time with her. ---Penny

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