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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bean Bag Toss

Yesterday was our first warm and sunny day for a few days and we enjoyed it. One of our roads was blocked off so we could have a bean bag toss contest. Names were drawn for partners and a short meeting was held for a reading of the rules. It was a blast. Penny played before John and her first throw was right in the hole for three points! Her team won the first game. Her partner was Gord from Canada. John was partnered with Millie who lives close to us. They won their first game. There had to be around eighty people playing and it was so much fun. In the second round, John and Penny played against each other with John's team the victor. They lost their next match but did pretty good. This went on from noon until after five. Of course drinking was involved. And then we followed it up with a potluck. We sat by a couple that we had not met yet. Again, lovely people. I never would have guessed she is 82 and he is 84. I think the water down here keeps everyone looking younger. We are two of the younger people in the park. There are some permanent units for sale and maybe in a few years we might buy one of them but right now we are content to drive down here in our RV.

Today we are going to Mexico with two friends. We are going to a pretty safe town over the border. One of our friends is making a drug run. She buys a lot of over-the-counter meds for herself and friends back home. Not sure we can find anything we need but will check it out.

That's all the news from here. The next big party is the horse race followed by Aussie Night which is a trivia game. We are having a hard time just relaxing because of all the events. Lol. But it is Texas. The temperature is going to be upper 80's and sunshine. And we are getting nice tans. We are in Texas. Having a ball. Who would have guessed this......

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