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Monday, February 13, 2012

Is This Like Summer Camp?

This campground is full of activities and there is even an activity director. We are still trying to get a copy of the calendar but people stop by all the time to tell us what is going on. So tonight John played poker with the guys. No women are allowed. They play in the mail room (the ladies have the Rec Room for dominoes tonight). So when anyone goes into the mail room they stop to talk to them.

Don played tonight. He is a former physical therapist who has decided he is taking over John's recovery. It was reported that several times during the game he told John to stand up and stretch his knee. He has also stopped by several times to tell John to get up and walk. We are walking for exercise and to increase his flexibility but not enough for Don. He says move it until it hurts. Yikes.

Another player was Bill. When we got here this area was soggy. After a horrible drought it has been raining cats and dogs. Our spot was muddy and after several attempts back and forth, we were sinking....or so it seemed. Well we got it parked. And then John grabbed the electrical cord to plug it in while I did other setup projects. Plugged in. No power. Tried another electrical box. No power. So Dale took off to find Bill....the retired electrician. He tried several things and no power. Jiggle this, unplug that, jiggle again. Nothing. Finally Bill starts to checkout the cable. Turns out John had gotten out the extension cord that was plugged into nothing on the other end. Great laughs and then electricity. So at tonight's game another guy asks John about his extension cord. Bill assured John he didn't say anything. The story is spreading and we just say, yup, we are new to this.

So, poker is for guys and dominoes is for girls. But guys can play too. Pool tables are for the guys and Hand and Foot is for the girls....but guys can play too. Is this like summer camp? Boys camp versus girls camp? Gotta love it. This is our gang and we are having fun. Penny

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