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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Interesting People

Well. After a week we are starting to hear the scoop on some of the residents. Of course we can't share our blog with them in case they recognize themselves. All names will be changed to

We will call them "c" and "h". They are both on their second marriage and he is loaded and she has no money. They both snore and have trouble sleeping together at night. She gives up and goes to the couch or stays on her computer all night. Neighbors will hear her running the vacuum at 4:00 am trying to disturb his sleep. They have loud arguments and doors are slammed. Then every afternoon she gets to the bed....alone. To make sure he doesn't disturb her, she locks him out of the trailer. That is why he is wandering the streets and talking to everyone. That is until you spend time with him and start to suddenly remember you have to be somewhere else.

Then there is "j". We are in a mobile home and RV park. Some of the RV-ers have stopped dragging their RV back and forth and have opted for a mobile home. There is one for sale so we asked what it was selling for. Ok. Too expensive. But then we heard her story. She is a woman of.....let's say easy virtue. She flirts with all the guys and they keep their distance. The women, of course, hate her. Well she is selling her mobile home for too much to pay her daughters legal fees after the daughter, a teacher, had.....let's say an intimate relationship with one of her students. Luckily the young man was eighteen but it is still wrong. And evidentially expensive.

Oh and let's talk about "v" and "b". Another second marriage. Good news is she quit smoking for him. I guess. So he has a big RV parked down here all the time. A permanent spot with a porch and all. And then they bring another fifth wheel RV when they come down and he rents it out. One time a 92-year old woman rented it for two weeks and she asked him to help her put down the awning. He refused and told her to do it herself. So for two weeks she sat in the Texas sun. Nice guy.

That's all to report so far. Busy day today and the first annual Polish dinner tonight....preceded of course with happy hour. Penny

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