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Thursday, February 16, 2012

We did a little exploring yesterday in our cute red rental car. We ate lunch at Jason's Deli which seemed a lot like Paneras. Very good food.

Last night we played the card game Hand and Foot. Everyone draws a card to see where you will be sitting. There were forty people there, men and women. I had not met anyone at my table before. I met Helen and Helene and Rose and Sharon. I have already forgotten the other lady's name. Sharon is from Nebraska and is married to Oscar who has the three-legged dog. She lost her leg in a farming accident just before they got her. They rescued her and she is a gentle and friendly dog.

Not sure what we will do today. It is raining and supposed to continue for three days. It is a light rain so far. Tomorrow is the Quilters Club meeting which I am going to attend. I will probably set up my sewing machine and maybe work on the purse I am making. Penny


  1. wow....sounds like a great time. I haven't played Hand & Foot in YEARS. Have a great time Aunt Penny and Uncle John!!!

  2. As I was reading the post, I was like Holy Crap! Sharon lost her leg in a farming accident. After the other articles, I figured it was the dog you were referring to.