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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Winter Texans

We have a Swans truck that goes through the campground. If we need propane there are two different companies who drive through here and deliver right to our door. There is a group of Mexicans who travel in a van and will come to your site to wash your RV. FedEx delivers out here as does UPS. We have addresses (ours is 32 Swan Lake) and there is usually someone who starts yelling "mail is here" which causes a flurry of activity. When we go to stores we can find RV or camping related items. The news of a good restaurant spreads through the campground in a flash. This town survives partly because of our temporary stay so they go all out for us.

Last night was the wine and cheese event. They furnished the wine and everyone brought a snack. Herb and his wife Connie joined us. It was the first time we met her and she was interesting. Then Gord and his wife, Barb, joined us. We spent time with them at the Valentine Party and really enjoy their company. They are also from Ontario. Actually it is a town close to Ontario and there are about fifteen or twenty couples from the same town. They said the only one left is Dave and he'll turn out the lights when he leaves next week. Gord was a hospital administrator and Barb was a nurse. Really nice people and we enjoy their company.

Yesterday morning I went to the Quilt Club meeting. About ten women were there and basically showed what they were making. There is a quilt show next Friday in another town so we are trying to figure out car pooling. My sense of direction suks so I have to hitch a ride. We met in the Rec Hall in one corner while the guys were playing pool at the other end. Of course no women can play pool. Lol.

It is impossible to get online at night. They advertise free wifi but they don't promise you can actually use it. So we don't count on it. It seems the residents take care of this place. Yesterday we saw one guy varnishing tables. Another guy drives a golf cart through every morning picking up any brush or palm tree froms that have fallen. For some people retirement doesnt stop them from staying busy.

We went to an authentic Mexican restaurant yesterday for lunch. The menu is so different from our area. They have more cheese and less meat. The chips and salsa on the table were unique. The salsa was thinner but very tasty.

We are located on a dead end road. At the end of our road is an ayorra. We have heard of a restaurant that looks out over the ayorra where you can eat and watch the patrol boats go back and forth. And you can watch the small rafts get launched from the other side. We are aware of how dangerous it is to travel to Mexico. There is one town over the border which has been deemed safe. We are unsure if we will go there. There was a recent bus excursion that went and when they tried to come back they were routed to a different bridge. A gun battle was taking place on the other one. Yikes!

So, another day starts and who knows what adventures await us. I just know drinking will be involved. Penny

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