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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ours is Smaller Than Yours

We figured with an RV that is only thirty feet long we would have the smallest unit. Not so. There are some very small trailers here. There are a lot of fifth wheel units. One couple has a very nice fifth wheel and they are down here for five months. He is in construction and she is a Visiting Nurse so she works a couple days a week. The rest of the year they live in their other fifth wheel which is parked in connecticut. Another couple brought a fifth wheel down here and then bought a mobile home so now they have two places. They will be taking their fifth wheel back to Canada and stay in the mobile home from now on.

We met Millie and Lou last night. We know everyone by their dogs. They have Pixie. A little dog that barks a lot but she loves visitors. We hear Millie saying "no bark" to Pixie but it slows her down for just a second. She is a cute dog. And I have talked to Millie before. A very sweet lady.

A group set out this morning for a 100-mile bike ride.....although we have heard only one guy is doing the entire run. Not sure how many miles the others will do. Glad I am not with them. It keeps raining. Yuck.

We have fifteen couples on a cruise and they will be returning next week. More people to meet. Next year the cruise is to the Panama Canal. Tempting.

Time for breakfast. I enjoy relaxing but John is itching to go to a movie or somewhere. We'll see. Penny

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