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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wild Animals

A shot rang out lat night after we returned from the dance. A neighbor had stopped by and said "hope he got one." then he explained that we have a coyote and a bobcat that prowl this area. But we have a neighbor with a gun who is trying to get them. Um. Is that reassuring?

Found out last night that our next door neighbor, Martha, has the last name Stewart. Yes, folks, we are next door to Martha Stewart.

We are starting to learn the names of all the dogs that are walked by every morning. We pet them and talk to the owners. Our friends said they just got a dog last June because everyone else had one. We hope to not fall into that trap. We don't want a dog. Really.

Found out a group of residents go to an elementary school on Thursdays and read to the kids. We think we want to join in.

Oh oh. Cally got loose. She's over playing with butch's dog. Lol. I haver known so many dogs. And here comes Oscar with his three-legged dog. Amazing how well he gets around. The dog. Oscar does just fine on his two legs.

Off to the shower to start the day. Everyone enjoy work. Sorry for the four letter word so early. Penny

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