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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


On our second morning walk we met a man who was voicing a trumpet noise outside a trailer window. He stopped and said good morning. He explained that he was waking up the old man who lives there. He said he is 80 years OLD man. And the guy singing said he was sixteen months from eighty. I guess he is young?

We met Kenneth today. He is our next door neighbor and he and his wife, Martha, are from Dallas. They don't socialize but he wanders around and chats a little. Now John, Dale, and Kenneth are trying to solve the oil crisis. Wish them well.

We heard about an RV park close by that has over one thousand spots. This one is about 150 we estimate. In this other campground you have to wear a name tag and no alcohol can be consumed in the road. Here it is allowed and encouraged. Four is Happy Hour and everyone walks with drinks. Thursday night they are blocking off our road for a street potluck. Drinking seems to be one of the social obligations. Lol. So I am glad I grabbed two bottles of wine. We have a cooler with beer and John has his scotch. We will fit in.

A lady in a purple shirt just drove by and John yelled "good morning Mary" . She stopped and said she was Anna. Yesterday we met Mary who was wearing a purple shirt. Lol. But Anna seemed ok.

Well off to shower. Hard to stay on track with so many people stopping by. Penny

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