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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Canadians, dogs, fish, oh my

So we have lots of Canadians here. And the French Canadians are not as friendly so we have been told. The ones we have met and talked to have been delightful. Because of one Canadian, our RV park is having its first polish dinner. Yes we have tickets for that too. But the excitement today is for the Valentines Day Dinner Dance tonight. We are not sure John can dance but the beer will be flowing and he can drink. All events end at ten at night. I guess they figure we can't stay up past ten.

We met a Canadian yesterday whom now lives in Nashville. She assured us she is a citizen now. Her first husband traveled around the world and in Nashville he decided to continue without her so she stayed. She has a good sense of humor and loves her adopted country.

Herb just stopped by. We have to keep asking names as there are too many to remember. Herb said he thought his name was Hurry Up when he was younger. Hurry Up Herb. Trying to memorize names.

Mosquitoes have now come out. Oh boy. We have a pond close to where we are parked and it is filled with turtles, catfish, talopia, and other fish. There is a trash can filled with dog food and when you throw some in the water the fish and turtles come up to eat. Well time for breakfast. Archie is walking his dog. Dale has walked his dog. We think we are the only ones without a dog. Maybe they will have to issue one to us.

So good morning from Posada Del Sol in Harlingen, Texas......Penny

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