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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Paper Products and Mexico

As everyone knows we started out January 17th but had to return home as John hurt his knee. Because of that we packed once, then unpacked and then packed again. In between I forgot what I had packed. So, I am discovering that I have at least eight rolls of paper towels, over six hundred napkins, and easily two hundred paper plates. If we could get local businesses to use paper as a form of money, we would be rich.

we are reminded that we are close to Mexico. Our Internet is flakey. For some reason the iPad gets and stays connected most of the time but not all the time. The owner of this park is a lawyer from Mexico and so most of the residents take care of any issues that arise. He is seldom here and we have not met him yet. So when I mentioned the Internet issues I was told...we are close to Mexico and it works sometimes. Um. Ok.

Well after lunch and it is quiet hour here for nap time. John is waiting for a car to pick up to go rent a car. Think I'll nap. Penny

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