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Thursday, February 23, 2012

South San Padre Island Getaway

I know.....why do we need a getaway when we are retired and in Texas for the winter? Well, it just seemed like a good idea...and it is!!! We came here Wednesday and will return to our camper Friday in time for a concert with Renee....we have been told she plays the fiddle like no one else....and uses striking positions and objects. Um. Okay. Worth $4.00 to see that.

So, we are on South San Padre Island for two nights in the La Copa Hotel. It turns out some of our gang (lovingly referred to as our gang...Winter Texans...people with gray hair who eat supper at 5:00) stay in hotels on the Island rather than rough it in an RV. The cost is about four times more than we are these are our better-than-well-off gang members. We have a room with a small sitting area that is next to the pool. On the other side of the pool is the Gulf of Mexico. Need I say more? It is incredible.

Here is a shot of the beach. It was a little overcast but still nice.

 This is a shot of another beach that we were able to actually drive on. We were surprised that there were RVs boondocking on this beach. At first we were surprised and then we started to think it would be a blast to park for just a night or two. One guy really impressed us. He had solar panels on the top of his unit and then he had a windmill to generate electricity!!! That was my idea!!!
 Okay. John wants this photo included. I had a ball walking into the water and watching the tide bring the water and sea shells to my feet. Sometimes I feel like that naive girl from Iowa....incredible experience and I am always delighted and in awe.
This afternoon we are going out for a two-hour boat cruise to a dolphin watch. Should be a blast. ----Penny

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